“Since it was our first collection. I wanted it to be very personal and self reflective, it was all about a feeling I couldn't ignore. Looking around me, I noticed something missing – people weren't sharing their stories, their backgrounds, or their cultures. It was like we were a bit shy or uncomfortable with who we were.

And the clothes, they were so different from what I grew up with. Western fashion was everywhere, don’t get me wrong, I love western fashion., but and it felt like it had overshadowed our own identity. I didn't see people embracing our own traditions.

So, our first collection was all about trying to change that. I wanted to show that we don't need approval from the West to feel good about ourselves. We can be proud of our heritage, our clothes, and our 5000-year-old textiles, crafts and imperishable techniques. Our culture deserves credit.

I wanted to make being Indian cool again, not just as a trend but as a statement of who we are. I hope this collection inspires others to embrace their roots and take pride in their identity, whoever they are wherever they come from. “ 

"I believe in the Indian dream and I want to be a part of it”

-Meenia, Creative Director, Hindostan Archive

The inspiration for this culture is deeply rooted in nostalgia, storytelling, and the rich tapestry of Bengali culture, artisanship, and heritage. Each garment in this collection serves as a vessel for cherished memories and narratives from the past.

The themes in this collection transport us to Undivided India, where stories come alive through each piece. Repurposing and upcycling are at the heart of our creative process, breathing new life into treasures of the past. Old Calcutta's charm and the evocative paintings of Raja Ravi Verma serve as the guiding lights.

The techniques are  Ajrakh Blockprint, the intricate artistry of Kantha, Kuchchh mirrorwork, handwoven ikat, patchwork, and the timeless allure of block printing. Each seam is meticulously finished with a mock french seam and silk linings. Trims, from Corozo nut buttons to shell and horn buttons, they’re thoughtfully selected to add a distinctive touch. The fits are boxy and oversized.