"While sampling for SS 23 collection in Kolkata, I stumbled upon a vintage shop while roaming in the old Calcutta streets near College street. I found a vintage shop there and when I went inside, there was an album cover named “West meets East” which inspired the name for this collection. Because our collection East Meets West is also a collaborative effort to bring Indian textiles, crafts and techniques and amalgamate them with western tailoring and comfort. The main message that I wanted to portray from this collection is the power of collaboration between the east and the west."

-Meenia,Creative Director,Hindostan Archive

East meets West is a fascinating idea that has been instrumental in making this collection. It is a beautiful amalgamation of elements of the textiles of South Asia, artisanship & heritage with contemporary Western Silhouettes, along the same lines as a combination of Eastern and Westerly cultures which has resulted in some truly stunning collaborations like the album West Meets East by American violinist Yehudi Menuhin and Indian sitar virtuoso Ravi Shankar.

This collection portrays a visual essay, depicting the use of natural dyeing techniques, hand-done Kantha, hand-woven weaves, and Dabu work as a nod to the country's centuries-old textile traditions, which have been passed down through generations of skilled artisans.

Understanding the current trends, the collection cannot be defined by gender preference as it appeals as neutral, but the brand puts it forward as a Menswear brand. The collection embodies the spirit of hues with a touch of vintage.