"Hindostan Archive introduces a unique concept of cultural menswear luxury, blending South-Asian Textiles, Culture & Heritage with a global and contemporary spirit."

Founded by Sahil Meenia & Shaoni Ray before graduating from the prestegious NIFT, New Delhi in 2022, the Hindostan Archive draws inspiration from extensive cultural research and embraces a diverse range of influences and preservation of techniques, crafts, processes & and sustainability. While initially established as a menswear brand, it has since evolved to encompass a broader creative vision."

"Research & Refrencing is key to our process ,the only way to be original is to know our past."


Hindostan Archive's inception is our collective taleโ€”a journey of cultural affinity and a shared passion for Indian textiles, deeply rooted in our personal histories.

The brand emerged from our collaborationโ€”Sahil Meenia and Shaoni Ray, who crossed paths at the prestigious National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), New Delhi.

With ancestral ties to the Indian subcontinent, both of us found common ground in our shared roots, tracing back to the partition eraโ€”Sahil's ancestry in Sialkot, Pakistan, and Shaoni's in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Hence, naming our brand- 'Hindostan', the name India was referred to in the pre-partition era.

Our encounters at NIFT led to a profound connection, especially on the subject of Indian textiles, sparking the idea of founding a brand to celebrate and propagate this rich heritage.

We embarked on journeys to numerous craft clusters across India. Witnessing the dedication of hardworking artisans practicing age-old techniques inspired us to bridge the gap between tradition and modernity.

We are inspired by the Gandhian Philosophy of preserving & promoting the legacy of centuries-old handloom textiles globally. Hindostan Archive is a testament to our commitment to vertically integrate sustainable practices, ensuring the continuation of India's artisanal traditions for generations to come.